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Should You Write Science Fiction & Fantasy? me start by saying that when it comes to guiding the way through the maze of how to bring your first science fiction or fantasy book to market, I am totally not proclaiming myself as the Guru Mama. However, what I am proclaiming is: through all that I have learned during this process, I can and am more than willing to share my experiences, successes, and failures with you—of course failure is only failure if it is received by the individual as such (Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich).

On the way to my writing career, I’ve made stops along the way. For most of us, life’s situations or college majors determined how we create money for our living expenses today. Career choices could have been a financial decision, and one that does not feed our passion—and no, this passion I’m talking about is not a hot steamy night with the person of your choice. This passion is a burning creativity inside of you—the thing you’ve always been drawn to and possibly called a natural at doing–without anyone showing you how to do it. Think about it.

Test your desire to write science fiction and fantasy if that’s what you choose to do. In the meantime, let this brief test guide you. And by all means, keep coming back!

Please answer “YES’ to all that represents you:

1)      When you were a child, did you make your own wacked-out Mother’s Day cards?

2)      Are you a day dreamer–never alone because of your imagination?

3)      Do you watch sci fi and fantasy movies and then create your own endings?

4)      Can you see fairytale lands and portals inside your head?

5)      Are you comfortable with putting words together? Don’t consider your grammar at this point

6)     Do you love reading about dark characters and twisted plots?

7)      Are you a member of a science fiction and fantasy book club?

8)      Do you have notes on what you believe would make a good alien or fantasy book?

9)      Have you started your first sci fi fantasy novel and then stuffed it under the bed?

10)  Have you ever dreamt of a futuristic scene you can’t forget?

11)  Does your imagination run wild often and you want to write it all down?

12)   Would you like to create supernatural/paranormal characters?

Well, that concludes our little test. You are the judge, but I believe if you answered “yes” to 7 or more, you might need to think about where you are with your true passion (gift) and let’s grow together.


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