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The Green And The Gray


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An adopted child concludes she has never been like other kids, teens, or college students, but she has something the others could never have imagined.

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To my readers!

It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to read the FREE copy of The Green And The Gray. Shoot me a line via email ( or Twitter (@maxwmiller) and let me know what you thought about this Flash Fiction.

For your review and purchase, I have included titles that are for sale on Amazon. My book list will continue to grow as I bring other stories your way. Please stay in touch for updates on the next universe I’m exploring! Just to let you know, around November, I will be releasing Book 2 in The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Series entitles Sadie Mae And Torene The Tornado.

I need your help if you don’t mind.

Your opinion matters to me, that’s why I am asking for your review of any work that you purchase. In this busy world, it’s okay if you can’t spare the time, but if you can, I would deeply appreciate your reviews and talking about my books with friends and families is how the world will get to know me.

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