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The Hunger Game – the Movie

the-hunger-games-movieIs the movie version of the Hunger Game destined to rack up sales like Twilight and Harry Potter? Many in Hollywood certainly believe so. Man! They really are pushing the advertisement. I will say that I’m thrilled for the author, Suzanne Collins. For Suzanne, the Hunger game is one of many successes. Advertisement is the key to the success of a strong book—notice I said, strong book, and I believe that this book is strong.

Nothing, not even good advertisement can make a weak book last through the sands of time.

The book version of the hunger Game hit the market in 2008. It was the first in the young adult series. Honestly, I did not read the book when it first came out—or at all. I was too busy being selfish, shelling out my first draft of Blood Melt (which was not called Blood Melt at the time). I did read one and a half of the first 2 books of Twilight.

The synopsis for the Hunger Game sounds interesting. Unfortunately, our real world crises seems to creep toward a daily fight for our lives as well. It is easy to see why so many can identify with wanting to see this movie. We want to be that strong, brave hero or heroine that challenges the bureaucracy and battles toward a free world view.
Personally, I would have liked to have seen a better mix of races represented. I felt the same thing about twilight. After all, these movies have drawn all ethnicity. Despite that, I plan to see the movie (after the traffic dies down), and then we’ll talk about it again.