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The Subject of Death

death_angel_by_whyou-d4of2ttLately, my blogging has been sparse; I felt like pieces were missing from what I really want to say. Since I’m not into handing down meaningless excuses that you don’t want to hear and I despise making up, we’ll just move on from here.

The past months have brought an acute awareness that the generation before me is completing their LIFE CYCLE inside the body they presently own —the time allotted to them on this side, at this time in history, on this planet is fading fast!

WARNING: You guys know I write sci fi/fantasy and all things paranormal so don’t trip-out over my terminology. Fiction is always posed to us as something made-up, fabricated, the night time burp from a creative mind. BUT IS IT REALLY? I am one who believes that what is portrayed as FICTION and SUPERNATURAL is actually QUITE NATURAL in the realms of the spirit world and in this world to those who have tapped-in.

I am a spiritual being; living inside a dying body–that’s my belief; it does not have to be yours. So if I know that I’m dying and I have years upon years to accept it, then why am I afraid of it? Not Scaredy-Cat Afraid, but feeling like it’s an unnatural process Afraid. Do you feel me on that?

This blog is the first in a series I’d like to write about the process of dying/aka DEATH. DOES THE TOPIC SOUND MORBID? If it does, then you really need to feed me your comments.

Why Am I Tackling This Uncomfortable Subject?

Because my father died in 2007, and I’ve lost three family members since April of this year (2014). If you’re a Baby Boomers (like me) you’ve used up more life than what you have left. And your loving parents are either dead or less than ten years away from DEATH.

All of us must face the painful reality that time will age-out our physical bodies and release our spirits to become something else. Right about now, your belief system should be kicking-in with what you think happens next. If you believe at least somewhat the same as I do, then the loss of the body does not end existence.

A person who has lost their body is known as a disembodied spirit. I believe that the death of the flesh/body is only the beginning of a new life somewhere else. This is at least the second time I’ve made this statement.

I believe that death frees the spirit and soul to move to a higher realm. It is those who still remain on this side who will suffer when a Dearly Departed leaves. To miss the body, the voice, the personality the outward and visible forms of love is without a doubt difficult. But, if you saw that Dearly Departed walk into your room—that’s when the hollering and screaming begins. You can feel that person’s presence, hear him/her voice inside your head, but “Dear God, don’t let him/her walk into my room.” lol

So why is death such a scary subject for most of us? Here are some reasons I want to note. Please comment with thought of your own.

  • Finality—feeling like your loved one is gone forever—never seeing that person again.
  • Fear of Letting go
  • Missing counseling, guidance, and comfort
  • Wondering where did your loved one go
  • Your loved one has turned into a spooky spirit.


These are just a few of my opening comments. Here’s the kicker: if you want to talk about the subject of DEATH, you’ll let me know by commenting through this blog or through my social media. I’ll crack the walnut open if you give me a reason to.


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