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Three Things to Reflex On While Saying Farewell to 2016

12751495_1559127651064720_1158130999_nOut of all the blessings these months have brought, the word Awakening comes to my mind. I have battles with the three parts of me and the victor says: let us be who we are and not hinge on the judgments of others.

So you say: “Max, what the heck are you talking about?

And I say: “We wrestle against what the outer person craves and what the inner person demands.” Yes, there are at least two of you—in my belief system, I believe there is three of me. I don’t believe the spirit and the mind are the same; I believe they work together to guide the body daily. But the spirit knows more about you and will endeavor always to talk-down the mind when it thinking something that would be detrimental to the body.

Have you ever acted on what you were thinking only to conclude what a bad idea it was after the deed was done?

In 2016, I decided to be me—a creative writer with a message to the whole world. Sounds exciting and wonderful, right.

In all my careers (there’s been a few), nothing has inspired me as my writing. In all my careers, nothing has been a greater uphill battle than me launching out into accepting my place in this life. Now that I’ve had my year of Awakening, I am excited to embrace 2017, no matter what’s going on in politics at home and abroad. Becoming me (you becoming you), changes the world around you!

Having said all of the above, I want to say thanks to all of you who have allowed me to become a part of your life, whether I’ve met you once or many, many times. These are my reflections and what I plan to pay attention to in the new year.

  • Gratitude

    – I believe that I am here today because of being thankful to God for his love. He has hordes of helpers that comes in many ways and
    called by the names according to your culture and belief system. Regardless of your background, if love is not the center than… you fill in the blank for yourself.

There were times this year when the lessons were hard and disappointing, where I wanted to just get up and leave or say something ugly. I’m not saying that I didn’t do that during this year; that would be a lie. What I am saying is that because of this year of growth, it will be easier to have gratitude in all situation in the coming year. Notwithstanding, I do not associate gratitude or love with allowing situations, people, or injustice to trample in your face.


  • Tolerance

    – I am in need of tolerance. My blood pressure will be so glad when I master tolerance.


Bible-verses-about-toleranceA young lady in a department store apparently didn’t pay attention to her holiday-employee, cash register training sessions, and I drew her straw in the line. It was a long line as I watched it fill-up and clear out several times. As for me, thirty minutes later, I was still at the register while she rang and re-rang my clothing that I’d spent an hour gathering. I wasn’t about to put my stuff back so I was being tolerant so I could take my stuff home. But, on the verge of being late for a meeting I really wanted to make, tolerance flew away, replaced with a noisy explosion. Needless to say, other employees scrambled to the newbie’s side and they got me out of there in record time.


In my defense, if there is one, I asked the lady several times, “Do I need to get you some help?” She answered: “No, I got it.” Until the explosion came.

  • Compassion

    db7888593cc06f6ba815cb87b4bfae72– I need compassion too. Continuing on with the Newbie Cashier in the department store—the next day I decide I wanted to wear my brand new, silky blue hoodie to the gym. Can you believe that the newbie had not taken the theft prevention device off of the brand new, silky blue hoodie—you know, the one you have to have a special tool to remove, otherwise, you rip the garment to pieces trying to get the device off?


I marched back to the same cash register station and there she was –she saw me just in time to make an escape and I ended up back in line, having my account pulled up to prove I’d bought the item still tagged with the theft device—I didn’t know where the receipt had gotten to.


To sum it all up, base what I am seeing in the political and business area in America, bringing gratitude, tolerance, and patience to the table on a daily basis is going to be a necessity in 2017. I’ve already started. What about you?