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emmanuelle-chriqui-in-bed-wallpaper-4157No question, paranormal romance is the bomb. New Adult paranormal is all the rage. The impulse, the heat, drama and un-abandoned romance flows into a page-turner when a paranormal twist is unleashed on a college campus. The action scenes are here to stay!

Inside my head, I’ve lived with the characters of Egyptian Moon roaming around in a corner of my mind. I watched them slowly speak in their own unique languages, developing stronger by the day. I moved into the world of their supernatural experience right along with them—the unbelievable terror of having visitors connect my protagonist, Megan, to an ancient past. Egyptian Moon is my maiden voyage into the sea of New Adult.

When I started this process of writing the Egyptian Moon Series, Book I-The Return, I became excited about every tidbit of information I found out about the ancient Egyptian culture. I want the readers of Egyptian Moon to not only feel the excitement that freshmen feel leaving home for the first time, but the resurrection of a civilization long gone. The magnetism creating sexual desire between a man and woman remains unmarred by the winds of time. Although this is an original work of fiction it is my desire to mix truth about ancient Egypt, along with the wonder of fabrication.

As the characters evolved in my mind so did the Egyptian culture. I have always been fascinated with the stately elegance of the women of Egypt and wanted to incorporate the essence of the ancient Egyptian culture in my story. In my research, I found that there were a few women that rose to the headship of pharaoh. Also, a few that might have ruled as men. Fascinating! Women in any culture Rules.

I will continue to update you on the ancient Egyptian culture that might appear in the series in some form. And don’t miss out on the excerpts that might appear anywhere on any site (not really but you get it, right?) so stay tuned.

The story is almost done and there are still chapters to write but I am getting a kick out of this writing in the New Adult category. Come along with me!

Hammering away

Author Max W. Miller