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Walking on Fire

Walk through Hot Coals–But Get There!

Have you found out what your brightest fire is or are you still floundering? I did for more years than I care to remember. Hopefully, you’ll find your brightest fire without having to go through the trial of a lifetime—one threatening all you’ve ever believed in.

It’s weird to think that our brain doesn’t always …well … think. What other reason is there for making the same foolish mistakes over and over? What other reason is there for not seeing clear enough to realize when you’ve found your brightest fire? I think we’d rather walk through hot coals to get there. And just where is there? There is: Finding the richest vein of your ingrained talent (s).

I like to watch Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight. It seems to me that an inappreciative nature is brewed when starlets reach the top too soon and then tries to side step the hot coals. Apparently, our feet only stabilizes and becomes diligence only when we set them down into the coals of red hot pursuit. Once we’ve earned the scars from walking through the coals and not around it, we bear the mark of a warrior, forever branded with honor.

To my teen and young adult readers, to my adolescent readers, and to readers who feel the aches of aged wisdom: the red hot coals of your brightest fire (strongest talent) is one thing that shall never leave you—always there—never too early or too late. The red hot coals of your brightest fire never give up on you. Narrow down what that core talent is. Between life’s circumstances it lays in waiting for you. Walk through the hot coals—walk through it, not around. Walk through the hot coals, but get there—to your brightest fire.

My brightest fire is my writing and I walked through hot coals to get there!