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Max W. Miller creates incredible stories about imaginary places, vivid characters, and their nemeses. With an uncanny ability, she draws readers into their worlds. From childhood, Max's ancestral gift allowed her to see into other realms through dreams and visions. She has grown to know that unseen worlds collide to encourage, warn, foretell of future events, or destroy. Rarely does an author have the ability to touch readers like Max--possibly, she has seen some in a dream or captured others in a vision.

"Perhaps you will connect with her stories because you identify with her messages. Only you will know once you start reading her works."

Max has always enjoyed reading and writing. She loves the wonder of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal genres; they make great medicine for her soul. In addition to her writing, she relishes family time with her husband, children, and friends. Max is an advocate of tough love during adolescent rebellion and staying in touch with a healthy body through natural remedies.

Her Science Fiction and Fantasy Books have won Book of the Day Awards and have been listed among the Amazon Top 100. Max continues to receive favorable reviews from readers on Amazon and other retailers online. Become one of her Elite Readers by subscribing to her hub or Follow her on Twitter @maxwmiller.


Secrets Revealed Behind the Paranormal Max W. Miller Writes

Author Max W. Miller shares “Supernaturally Normal” experiences behind her writing.



Return - Egyptian Moon Series Book 1

New Adult Paranormal, Urban Paranormal, Thriller, Reincarnation

Megan Smart, a pampered, reserved freshman, takes a pre-college trip to New York City with her parents and star hottie quarterback boyfriend, Tyler. Never could she have imaged she'd come back haunted by memories from an ancient time.

Once at college, Meg has a chance encounter at a frat party with a mysterious guy who draws her into a seductive dance. Meg fights to resist his influence, fearing it would put her relationship with Tyler into jeopardy.

Finally, at the point of exhaustion and on the verge of losing her mind and her boyfriend, Meg meets with an astrologist and hypnotist who identifies her problem as the memory of a past life. But is it reincarnation or something far more evil coming to claim Meg’s soul?


The Gordite Witch - The Legacy Of Sadie Mae Stevens Series Book 1

Sadie Mae Stevens is the teen superhero of this Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy Series

Earth’s survival lies in the hands of the Dylanians.

A young Sadie Mae Stevens must weed through the mystery of her toxic blood and what it has to do with her mother’s death. Sadie recognizes she is different for a reason, no other girl she knew hunted and chained Pigwaller monsters.

The Tetradyne Rulers were overrunning Earth and Sadie had to stop them. But how could she battle against them all by herself? Would she find help?

Travel with Sadie as she visits her very own forest, talks with Lendra, the mountain with an eye, and meets one of the many creatures who live inside her forest.

How will this rag tagged bag of misfits help Sadie save Earth? And to top it all off, the Gordite Witch is waiting to take her head!

Let the legacy begin…