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What Drives Teen to Mom Conflict

    I want to start a series of conversations directed at people like me—otherwise known as ‘The Moms’ and people like my children, otherwise known as “The Teens.” Although, that’s not quite right because my kids have migrated into their young adult season. But still, I find that the dividing line between a sixteen year old and a twenty-one year old might not be that great. So what causes the conflict between Moms and Teens or is there a conflict at all? Let me dig down into my past. First, let me see if my brain can travel that far backward to remember when I was a teen. Aaaah. Yes, it’s all coming back to me. Basically, I was quiet and somewhat withdrawn most of my teen life. There was no Facebook or Twitter where I could meet new, exciting, or dangerous people from all around the world. My mom didn’t have to advise me to be careful online or try to gain access to my many social networking accounts to see if an intervention was needed. No, it was much simpler, but not necessarily less dangerous. Girls still got pregnant, honorable boys didn’t kiss and tell while bad boys forced even more than a kiss. I would say that the major difference would be the pace in which events happen these days in comparison to when I walked the hall of Savannah High School. This teen growing-up too fast has made ‘Mommy Duty’ a frightmare for most. By the way, a frightmare is much worse than a nightmare. Don’t even try telling me that I lived during the age of the dinosaurs and that things don’t work that way anymore. What? Really? Teen girls don’t come with breast anymore, and teen boys no longer like to feel them? Aaaah Haaaa! So things have not changed that much, right? What doesn’t need to change is the conflict between teens and moms. A conflict between a teen and his or her mom (in most cases) means that caring, and love, and nurturing are going on inside that home. It means that YO MAMA is on the case of stopping you from becoming a rebel! You don’t want to be a rebel. Go to my media center and read the Yahoo Shine Q&A about where my son is right now! Embrace the conflict; don’t let it get out of hand, but be glad that love still abounds.


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  • julia

    Teen Mom is important for the children and their futures. And I think it holds some good opportunities for Sophia and her future.’

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