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What Humbles Me

stock-footage-successful-businesswoman-raises-her-hands-in-triumphant-at-the-setting-sun-shot-on-minidv-from-aA couple of my readers connected with me on Facebook saying, “Can’t wait for Book 2.” They loved The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens and took the time to let me know. I am always so humbled when that happens. In a world where our news media is filled with journalists and people in general merchandising  on the misery of another, it’s always good to hear that we have not gone completely over the edge of destruction, that on some days ‘Good Reigns Supreme.’  That’s a long sentence, as it was intended. Some things need to be expounded upon!

You all know that I write science fiction and fantasy, but that’s not the end of me. I’m a wife, a mother that has raised a rebellious teen, a daughter, a sister, a  friend, a business partner, an advocate, one that cares about our planet—our world, I’m opinionated, I hurt, I laugh, I bleed, and much more… Most of the time I get lost in my messages and forget all about the search engine, keyword terminology thing. I would rather just tell you how I feel in my own words. You know that I believe what most call the supernatural is really ‘Quite Natural.’ Whosoever is supposed to find me, will find me—even without the keyword thing.

Here’s an update on what I’m doing:

  • I’m working on the bookcover for Book 2 in The Legacy of Sadie Mae Stevens series. The title of Book 2 is Torene the Tornado. I’ll give you a description of the book when the cover goes up.
  • Putting together a ‘True Story’ proposal – It’s all about the personal crisis that led me to writing books. More on that later…

That’s it for now! Thanks for everything!