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What Is A Sweetheart?

Rose With Rain DropsWhat Is A Sweetheart?

Ask any writer to expound on what is their version of a ‘Sweetheart’ and I am certain that a smorgasbord of responses would hit a body between the eyes:

Depending on the genre, you might hear the following:

  • A human heart stolen from a science lab and then drenched in a vat of chocolate
  • The face of a smiling baby as it filled its diaper with… well… you know what babies fill their diapers with
  • A beloved teacher who changes her mind and gives you an F+ instead of an F-

 Now let’s get down to the good answers for what a sweetheart is:

Your best friend who feels guilty that you found out she’d been sleeping with her husband, runs off with him instead. She just couldn’t bear seeing your crying eyes

  • The boyfriend who gives you one of his other girlfriends used BUSTY BLONDE IN THONGS OUTFIT so he can save money on Valentine gifts
  • The husband who forgot to order Valentine roses for his wife so he pays his Thursday night HOOKER RENDEZVOUS extra to give up one of the many dozens she’d received.

This sound like a Life Time Movie, right?

Of course, the above was written purely for entertainment purposes only; hopefully it accomplished my goal.

In one sentence, I can give you my definition of a sweetheart that should fit all types of loving, caring, acts of kindness and all types of relationships. Here I go!

A Sweetheart is one who forgoes their desire and interest in order to bring a glorious shine to the face of another!!! THAT MY FRIENDS IS A SWEETHEART!