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What to Give Presidents on President’s Day?

RushmoreSo what exactly is the purpose of labeling President’s Day on the calendar? One would think that it is for retailers to get rid of the junk they weren’t successful in unloading on us during Christmas. But there’s got to be another reason, right? Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and then there was a Monroe Who? Was Monroe his first name or his last name? And did Monroe make it to the status of being worthy of having his own T Shirt? If he did, I’ve never seen a Monroe T-Shirt. Maybe the retailers missed that one.

This is really weird. I mean, aren’t we supposed to give presidents something special on their day? Somehow attending a J.C. Penny’s white sale just doesn’t seem to cut it.

I like the bearded presidents, although to date, all the bearded ones are dead. The retailers should memorialize them by making a ‘SPECIAL’ kind of T-Shirt on the next President’s Day. They’ve got time to come up with something really good since President’s Day is gone for 2013. If it were me, if I was a retailer pedaling unsalables on their day, I’d make a cool T-Shirt collection by pasting real MAN-HAIR onto the silk screen or however T-Shirts are made. Is that not a better idea than dragging out a bunch of Christmas and Valentine leftovers to try and pass-off on the public on President’s Day?

If we’re going to celebrate the presidents then let’s celebrate the presidents. How cool would a real- beard Lincoln T-Shirt be? Retailers would sell millions of them. It’s just a thought; maybe one better than left-over Christmas ornaments. What’s a president gonna do with Christmas ornaments on his special day?