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Write What Jump Starts Your Heart

heartWhy did you start writing? What was the pivotal point of awareness for you?  Do you know? Are you clear on that topic? If you’re not, you absolutely must get clarity! Maybe it’s not writing that jump starts your passion; whatever it is, find the time to do it with all your heart.

I was privileged to do a Q & A for Yahoo Shine. It was a piece where I answered questions for Valerie Isakova,( the manger of Parenting), as to why I wrote Blood Melt. During the process of time, I felt it was time to come clean on the subject. Here’s the link if you want to read the original Q & A.

The ability to express oneself through the written words is a marvelous thing, but the strength to write what inspires, even under the threat of persecution is another matter altogether. Sometimes you’ve got to just own it: Your views will not be accepted or understood by all. From a personal reference, I am a big proponent of trying to say what’s right versus saying what’s popular. The old adage that ‘Two Wrongs Don’t Make A right,” is close to my heart. Tonight, I watched the 60 minutes broadcast when Arnold Schwarzenegger was interviewed.,0,1997169.story?track=rss

To me, this is a man that focuses with all his heart on what he wants to accomplish, but his sense of right and wrong is all about what Arnold decides to do at any given moment in time. This is merely my opinion, but thinking like Arnold Schwarzenegger could bring devastating effects for those who are not rich or famous.

That’s why writers and other professionals must be moved by what jump starts their hearts; I believe that, love and honor and loyalty comes out of your engrained hunger to write from your heart. Where is that subject that charges your emotional realm? What rejuvenates you? When does the ember of what you’ve known and accepted as truths ignite a spark that eradicates negative public opinions?

Unpopular trailblazers are what create nations.